Ketogenic Diet Plan

Ketogenic diet plan platter
When you have finally decided to try out a diet there are many different diets to choose from. The diet that I highly recommend is the ketogenic diet which not only will help you to loose weight but also avoid you feeling hunger. The ketogenic diet plan provided here below will help you get a better  life and make you feel better and more powerful every day.

What to eat when on a ketogenic diet plan?

The main difference with a ketogenic diet plan and other diets is the low amount of carbohydrates that are allowed. When using a ketogenic diet plan you need to keep track of the food you eat to make sure the amount of carbohydrates you eat is low. The normal rule is that on a daily basis you should not eat more than 25 grams of carbohydrates. If you eat more than this then you will not get the big advantages of being on a ketogenic diet plan. There are even some people who recommend you to be below 10 grams of carbohydrates per day. I recommend you to start out to eat below 25 grams and later you can try out to decrease that amount to below 10 grams of carbohydrates if you want to improve your results.

When it comes to the amount of protein that you should eat it highly depends on your height, gender and how much exercise you do. If you frequently go to the gym or lift weights then you should aim for a higher intake of protein. If you are tall or weigh more then you should also have a higher intake of protein. Ensure that you still have a moderate intake of protein since if you eat too much protein it could impact your blood sugar levels and you insulin levels. By eating a large amount of protein the excess protein will be converted into glucose in the body which might increase your insulin levels.

Ketogenic diet plan

If you compare a ketogenic diet plan with other diet plans the major advantage with the ketogenic diet is that you will not be hungry. With many other diets you loose weight by eating much less food which will result in that you feel hungry all the time. This is also the main reason that many people fail when using other diets. By using a ketogenic diet plan you will get your main energy intake from fat which will make you feel more full and ensure that you will not be hungry. Actually after a while on a ketogenic diet plan you can stop counting calories and instead eat what you want until you are full and not hungry anymore.

The basics of the ketogenic diet plan

The best way to start a ketogenic diet plan is to learn as much as you can about the subject. Either read about it on different webpages or buy a book to learn about it. The more you know, the easier it will be to follow your new diet. It is also always good to know about other diets so do not limit yourself to the ketogenic diet when doing research.

The next step I would recommend is to start cleaning out all the bad food you have in your house. The more candy, snacks or other high carbohydrate food you have in the house the easier it is to get tempted by it. Then go to the store and fill up your fridge with ketogenic diet good. Make sure you always have food at home that you can eat so you do not get tempted to get some take out or other food that is not ketogenic.

In the beginning I also recommend you to start counting the carbohydrates, protein and fat you eat. This will help you to understand which food you should not eat and which food you can eat much more of. Remember that you should never eat more than 25g of carbohydrates per day. One mistake many people do when they start their ketogenic diet plan is that they eat too little fat. By counting and recording down what you eat you can easily see if you eat enough fat.

Another good thing to start doing is plan your different meals and what you will eat during the day. This will help you to decide what to buy when you are at the store and ensure you do not buy things that will not be good for your ketogenic diet.

Bad habits is another thing you need to ensure you stop with. An example could be that in the afternoon your usually drink a cup of coffee and eat a dessert together with it. When you sit down with your friends and they all order a dessert it can be hard to say no if you are not prepared for this situation. One way to prepare is to actually bring some of your own snacks with you that is ketogenic diet friendly.

The way to success is you…

But what is most important to remember is that the best way to succeed is that you yourself have decided that you want to do this. Only you can make sure that you succeed. No one else will be able to do this for you, no matter how much they try. So sit down and think through if you really are prepared to make a change in your life and try out a ketogenic diet plan.

So set up clear goals for yourself and do not forget to reward yourself when you reach some of those goals. When you have lost your first 5 pounds or kilo, go out and buy yourself some new clothes, a new phone or something else that you have wanted to get for a long time. That will help you keep up the motivation to reach your next goal.

Hope these tips and guides has helped you. Please leave a comment below for what you thought about the article and if it has helped you to get motivated to try out a ketogenic diet plan.

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